How we work

Our way of working is simple and transparent. To use our platform, you need a software license and at least one robot. Then you are ready for your entire organization. We make no distinction in how you want to use our platform!

This is how we work:

  • You request a free demo account which allows you to get a sense of the possibilities
  • We make a (digital) appointment to show the robots with platform and to discuss your wishes in order to make a suitable offer
  • We then make a quotation, in which you choose to buy or lease a robot
  • We deliver the robot and give an online introductory workshop

The robots

  • We support multiple robots. You can choose from different robot types in different price ranges. There is the larger and mobile Nao robot (left) or the smaller Alpha Mini robot (middle)
  • Robots can be bought or leased
  • Additionally, we offer a build-in virtual robot (right) for everyone to use. This allows you to quickly try out the robot applications created on your laptop, PC or tablet, without always needing a real physical robot

The license

  • The software license is one year license for use of the Interactive Robotics portal
  • Everything can be found through the portal: the collection of your (custom) robot apps, an app-editing environment for easy app creation, support robot for practicing arithmetic , programming exercises, hundreds of ready-made lessons in the library (sorted by group and subject area), sharing applications with other platform users, an unlimited number users (for teachers and students), Javascript and Python use via our API for Higher Education, and of course professional support by our helpdesk
  • We want you to be able to use your robot as often and as optimally as possible, so the platform is created to support a wide variety of uses. We are constantly adding new features and improvements

Contact and information

Want to know more? Fill our our contact form or call us on +31-15-7601644, option 2.

Or send an e-mail directly to