Social robots in healthcare

Social robots offer great potential for the healthcare sector, and are increasingly put to use within a variety of healthcare related applications. For instance, social robots can help activate patients both mentally and physically, and can act as a welcome support for caregivers and volunteers. Social robots are not a replacement for human caregivers, but they are advanced enough to adequately support healthcare organizations, and/or freeing up valuable time of healthcare personnel, allowing them to spend more time with patients/clients. Moreover, robots can support patients in their activities of daily living, helping to prevent loneliness, and stimulate physical, mental and social interaction.

For whom?

Social robots can aid people who spend their time in care institutions, e.g. for daytime support (“dagbesteding”) or for people who live there more permanently. Social robots can support patients, can act as a companion robot for the elderly, and can be an “activator” for people with dementia by e.g. playing games or demonstrating movements and dance. There may not always be enough time for healthcare personnel to address these things, but they are important nevertheless. Social robots can increase the quality of living for elderly or patients, freeing up human caregivers for other care tasks.

The robot can support certain tasks of the care professional or volunteers and is therefore complimentary to the care workers. Robots can effectively be used in small groups or in one-on-one settings with a patient/resident.

Our services

Our social robots provide solutions for different healthcare segments. All from the same comprehensive platform, with dozens of ready-to-go human-robot-applications.


Social companion, physical and mental activation of patients.

Care Homes

Human-robot interaction, mental and physical activation of patients, assist in daily structure.

Home Care

Sociale interaction, assist in daily structure and mental and physical activation.

What makes us stand out?

Interactive Robotics provides an innovative and interactive platform for social care robots, through which patients can be mentally and physically activated. We provide solutions for nursing and care homes, hospitals and home care.

  • Create added value quickly and intuitively with social robots in healthcare
  • Hundreds of sample applications for free in our online library
  • Music from the past, interactive presentations, dances and movement exercises
  • Create new robot applications quickly and intuitively without any technical knowledge
  • Support for multiple types of social robots
  • 1-on-1 use or in small groups
  • Safe and easy management of robots and users from a European cloud
  • Easily scale up numbers of users and robots

Our platform offers support for different types of social robots.

Scientific background

Social robots are a promising new medium with various opportunities in healthcare. A social robot can interact with patients and supports the healthcare professional by:

  • Provide interactive presentations about treatments
  • Stimulating movement in (rehabilitating) patients
  • Mentally activating the elderly through quizzes and games
  • Providing structure and daily rhythm

Interactive Robotics actively participates in the developments. We work together with Delft University and Leiden University. We also do a lot of research and development work and students regularly do internships and graduation assignments with us with social robots in various sectors.

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