What makes us stand out?

Interactive Robotics provides innovative and interactive learning with a social educational robot. With our cloud-based software platform we provide solutions for primary, secondary and higher education.

  • Hundreds of sample applications for free in our online library
  • Create new robot applications quickly and intuitively without any technical knowledge
  • Always innovative in the classroom by creating your own robot applications
  • Robot-agnostic applications: write once, run on many robot types.
  • 1-on-1 use, in groups, or for the whole class
  • Safe and easy management of robots and users, hosted in a European cloud

Our services

We provide solutions for primary, secondary and higher education, using the same comprehensive platform. Every sub-sector with its own applications, programming interface and customizable front-end.

Primary Education

Computational thinking, boosting tech-savyness and remedial teaching by interacting with a social robot

Secondary Education

Learning how to code and explore human-robot interaction.

Higher Education

Human-robot interaction prototyping
and R&D.

Our Customers

Many of our clients are educational institutions. For primary education, children can practice arithmetic and language with the robot, the can instruct the robot using cards with markers and images and they can engage with the robot through verbale and tactile interaction. For secondary education, students can develop engaging robot applications trough visual programming (Scratch/Blockly), Python and Javascript. For higher education, students can easily prototype Human-Robot-Interaction (HRI) and create experimental software for graduation projects and research. Find out for yourself!

Scientific background

Social robots are a promising new medium with various educational opportunities (Belpaeme et al, 2018). A social robot can interact with students and is supportive of the teacher by:

  • Personalized education in the form of a learning buddy for language and arithmetic
  • Interactive presenter
  • Stimulating cognitive gains in children
  • Increasing motivation and learning enjoyment in children
  • Digital literacy learning tool

Interactive Robotics actively participates in the developments. We work together with Delft University and Leiden University. We work together internationally in a European project to make social robots suitable for use in education (ANIMATAS). We also do a lot of research and development work and students regularly do internships and graduation assignments with us with social robots in various sectors.

T. Belpaeme, J. Kennedy, A. Ramachandran, B. Scassellati, and F. Tanaka, 2018. “Social robots for education: A review,” Science Robotics, vol. 3, no.21, 2018.

Contact and information

Want to know more? Fill out our contact form or call us at +31-15-7601644, option 2. Alternatively you can mail us at info@interactive-robotics.com.